Rosalind Chow

SODI Research Affiliate

Rosalind Chow is a professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory at Carnegie Mellon University, where she teaches evidence-based strategies for management and leadership. She also created the curriculum for and directs the Executive Leadership Academy, an executive leadership program designed specifically to address the challenges facing the advancement of Black leaders. The design of the program leverages Rosalind’s research on how individuals experience and respond to different forms of social inequality, such as gender and racial inequality. She has particular expertise on White American responses to racial inequality, and how members of dominant groups can contribute to the dismantling of systemic bias, with a specific focus on promotion processes within organizations. Her research interests and educational experience provide her with a unique lens on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, making her a regularly sought consultant and speaker for a variety of companies interested in evidence-based practices for equity initiatives. She also frequently provides commentary for major media outlets such as Business Insider, the BBC, and CNBC. She earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Columbia University, and her PhD from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she studied Organizational Behavior.