September 11-12th, 2018, University of Chicago

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A living lab to catalyze high-impact innovations in diversity & inclusion.

The Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative invites select companies and top researchers in diversity to form a “living laboratory”. This coalition of innovators will design, test, and scale new models that accelerate diversity, inclusivity, and belonging in the workplace.


We’ll integrate practice + research to spark transformative solutions.

Design High-Impact

  • Work in a small mixed team of researchers and corporate practitioners
  • Clarify top priorities in D&I efforts
  • Discuss low-cost, high-impact interventions informed by research
  • Design beta-test innovations that enable rapid feedback and precise measurement of impact

Create Partnerships
& Shared Goals

  • Build researcher-company partnerships
  • Advance evidence-based solutions enhancing workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Drive progress toward company diversity objectives
  • Identify top priorities of practitioners to help guide future research.

Exchange Knowledge
& Ideas

  • Engage in both formal talks and informal discussions to learn from each other as leaders in our own respective areas expertise
  • Ask the important questions: What has research and experience taught us?; What works, what doesn’t?; What are best practices?; Where must we improve?; What remains unknown?


Day One (Full Day)

  • Insights from cutting-edge research in tackling D&I’s most pressing problems
  • Small group discussions to apply research insights to company-specific context
  • Structured partnership-building activities
  • Panel of D&I leaders on top opportunities for collaboration in diversity efforts
  • Networking

Day Two (Half Day)

  • Innovation Design Sessions: matched researcher-company teams will develop ways to advance firm-specific diversity/inclusion goals
  • Closed meetings with Innovation Partners


More speakers to be announced.

Marianne Bertrand

Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Professor at Booth School of Business
University of Chicago

Iris Bohnet

Author of “What Works: Gender Equality by Design”
Professor at Kennedy School of Government
Harvard University

John List

Chairman at Department of Economics
Professor of Economics
University of Chicago

Katherine Phillips

Senior Vice Dean of Columbia Business School
Professor of Leadership and Ethics
Columbia University

Melissa Thomas-Hunt

Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Professor of Management
Vanderbilt University

Lise Vesterlund

Research Associate
National Bureau of Economic Research
Professor of Economics
University of Pittsburgh


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