Adam M. Kleinbaum

SODI Research Affiliate

Adam M. Kleinbaum is an Associate Professor in the Strategy and Management area at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.  He teaches a core MBA course on leadership and organizational behavior, an elective seminar on social networks, and the core organizational behavior class in the Thayer School of Engineering.  He also leads experiential learning expeditions to Israel, focused on technology and entrepreneurship, and to Washington, DC and Montgomery, Alabama, focused on structural racism and its implications for leadership in a diverse world. He is co-founder of the Dartmouth Interdisciplinary Network Research (DINR) Group.  He previously served as a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard Business School; he also received his doctoral and undergraduate degrees at Harvard.

Adam’s research examines the antecedents and evolution of social networks in organizations.  He has shown how formal and informal structures and processes, prior career history, and individual personality, and even brain structure and function shape the networks that one builds.  He also explores how the structure of a firm’s internal communication network serves to enable coordination, innovation and, ultimately, firm performance. In a second stream of research, Adam is applying the tools of data analysis to study the diversity, equity and inclusion practices of organizations. He is collecting data through the Science of Diversity and Inclusion (SODI) initiative and writing cases.  Emerging work is bringing these two threads of research together, exploring what kinds of informal networks create inclusive organizations.

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