We’ll integrate practice + research to spark transformative solutions.


Design High-Impact

  • Work in a small mixed team of researchers and corporate practitioners
  • Clarify top priorities in D&I efforts
  • Discuss low-cost, high-impact interventions informed by research
  • Design beta-test innovations that enable rapid feedback and precise measurement of impact

Create Partnerships
& Shared Agenda

  • Build researcher-company partnerships
  • Advance evidence-based solutions enhancing workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Drive progress toward company diversity objectives
  • Identify top priorities of practitioners to help guide future research.

Exchange Knowledge
& Evidence

  • Engage in both formal talks and informal discussions to learn from each other as leaders in our own respective areas expertise
  • Ask the important questions: What has research and experience taught us?; What works, what doesn’t?; What are best practices?; Where must we improve?; What remains unknown?

Keynote Speakers

John List

Chairman, Department of Economics
Professor of Economics
University of Chicago

Expertise: World Leader in economic experimentation. Understanding the gender wage gap. Chief Economist at Uber.

Amanda Pallais

Department of Economics
Harvard University

Expertise: Understanding why disadvantaged groups struggle in workforces and schools

Patrick McKay

Professor of Human Resource Management
School of Management & Labor Relations
Rutgers University

Expertise: How organizational diversity climate impacts performance 

Up & Coming Researchers

Denise Lewin Loyd

Associate Professor of Business Administration
Gies College of Business
University of Illinois

Expertise: Unlocking the power of diverse teams

Olga Stoddard

Assistant Profes​​sor​​​​​
Brigham Young University

Expertise: Increasing hiring rates of underrepresented groups

Diversity & Inclusion Leaders

Isabel Cruz

Global Inclusion Leader
General Electric

Melissa Gilliam

Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics
Ellen H. Block Professor of Health Justice
Vice Provost for Academic Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity
University of Chicago


Day One (Half Day)

  • Insights from cutting-edge research in tackling D&I’s most pressing problems
  • Small group discussions to apply research insights to company-specific context

Day Two (Full Day)

  • Structured partnership-building activities
  • Panel of D&I leaders on top opportunities for collaboration in diversity efforts
  • Innovation Design Sessions: matched researcher-company teams will develop ways to advance firm-specific diversity/inclusion goals
  • Closed meetings with Innovation Partners

Participation Levels

Engagement is based on organization interest


  • Committed to inclusion and diversity
  • Interested in research insights
  • Wants to learn more about running experiments in their organization

Innovation Partner

  • Interested in working with researchers to conduct experiments in organization
  • Wants to join a cohort of other Innovation Partners to collaborate
  • Committed to the dissemination of research findings

Contact SODI for details: neela@sodi.org

Who should attend?

Senior Business, HR, and/or Diversity Leaders, along with select members of their team

At a Glance