We’ll integrate practice + research to spark transformative solutions.


Design High-Impact

  • Work in a small mixed team of researchers and corporate practitioners
  • Clarify top priorities in D&I efforts
  • Discuss low-cost, high-impact interventions informed by research
  • Design beta-test innovations that enable rapid feedback and precise measurement of impact

Create Partnerships
& Shared Agenda

  • Build researcher-company partnerships
  • Advance evidence-based solutions enhancing workplace diversity and inclusion
  • Drive progress toward company diversity objectives
  • Identify top priorities of practitioners to help guide future research.

Exchange Knowledge
& Evidence

  • Engage in both formal talks and informal discussions to learn from each other as leaders in our own respective areas expertise
  • Ask the important questions: What has research and experience taught us?; What works, what doesn’t?; What are best practices?; Where must we improve?; What remains unknown?

Keynote Speakers

Catherine Eckel

University Distinguished Professor
Department of Economics
Texas A&M University

Expertise: Uncovering why women choose different career paths and are paid less

John List

Chairman, Department of Economics
Professor of Economics
University of Chicago

Expertise: World Leader in economic experimentation. Understanding the gender wage gap. Chief Economist at Uber.

Amanda Pallais

Department of Economics
Harvard University

Expertise: Understanding why disadvantaged groups struggle in workforces and schools

Patrick McKay

Professor of Human Resource Management
School of Management & Labor Relations
Rutgers University

Expertise: How organizational diversity climate impacts performance 

Up & Coming Researchers

Denise Lewin Loyd

Associate Professor of Business Administration
Gies College of Business
University of Illinois

Expertise: Unlocking the power of diverse teams

Olga Stoddard

Assistant Profes​​sor​​​​​
Brigham Young University

Expertise: Increasing hiring rates of underrepresented groups

Diversity & Inclusion Leaders

Isabel Cruz

Global Inclusion Leader
General Electric

Melissa Gilliam

Professor of Obstetrics/Gynecology and Pediatrics
Ellen H. Block Professor of Health Justice
Vice Provost for Academic Leadership, Advancement, and Diversity
University of Chicago


Day One (Half Day)

  • Insights from cutting-edge research in tackling D&I’s most pressing problems
  • Small group discussions to apply research insights to company-specific context

Day Two (Full Day)

  • Structured partnership-building activities
  • Panel of D&I leaders on top opportunities for collaboration in diversity efforts
  • Innovation Design Sessions: matched researcher-company teams will develop ways to advance firm-specific diversity/inclusion goals
  • Closed meetings with Innovation Partners

Participation Levels

Engagement is based on organization interest


  • Committed to I&D
  • Interested in research insights
  • Wants to learn more about running experiments in their organization

$4,000 for up to 3 participants per org

Innovation Partner

  • Interested in working with researchers to conduct experiments in org
  • Wants to join a cohort of other Innovation Partners to collaborate
  • Committed to the dissemination of research findings

Contact SODI for details: neela@sodi.org

Who should attend?

Senior Business, HR, and/or Diversity Leaders, along with select members of their team

The convening this year unfortunately partially overlaps with Rosh Hashanah. To support participation of those who observe Rosh Hoshana, we have scheduled the majority of the speakers for day 2 and are actively working with our speakers to provide access to their talks. Going forward, we will continue work to manage these scheduling conflicts in ways that respect our global community

Conference Details

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