We bring together select companies and top researchers in diversity to form a “living laboratory”. This coalition of innovators designs, tests, and scales new models that accelerate diversity, inclusivity, and belonging in the workplace.


SODI catalyzes innovations in diversity & inclusion by:

Accelerating the translation of insights from new research into practical action.

Facilitating partnerships between researchers and leading companies to design, test and scale transformative solutions, and providing forums for companies to share insights.

Fueling the next generation of researchers advancing diversity and inclusion.

SODI is an initiative of the University of Chicago’s Economics Department and has not-for-profit status under the university’s 501(c)3.


Jeff Flory

Founder & Research Director, SODI

John List

Academic Advisor, SODI

Kara Helander

Founder, SODI

Andreas Leibbrandt

Founder & Research Director, SODI

Neela Rajendra

Founder & Executive Director, SODI

Olga Stoddard

Research Director, SODI

Kyra McAndrews

Manager of Operations, SODI

Participating Researchers

Marianne Bertrand, University of Chicago

Iris Bohnet, Harvard University

John List, University of Chicago

Kathy Phillips, Columbia University

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