A living lab to catalyze high-impact innovations in Diversity & Inclusion.

The Science of Diversity & Inclusion Initiative (SODI) brings together leading companies and top researchers to design, test, and scale new approaches that accelerate diversity, inclusivity, and belonging in the workplace.

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June 12-13, University of Chicago

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Facilitate Partnerships & Collaboration

  • Build teams of researchers and corporate practitioners based on expertise, interest and need
  • Provide support to both sides during the initial stages of design and launch of experiments

Provide Comprehensive Tools & Insights

  • Information companies can use to help socialize and advance experiments internally
  • Early insights from lab experiments and pilots
  • Compilation of existing research/knowledge in D&I from participating researchers

Hold Forums to Share Knowledge

  • In-person Convenings (2 per year, all SODI participants)
  • Dissemination of existing research/knowledge in D&I from participating researchers via Innovation Cohort Conference Calls (2 per year, 2-3 teams per call)
  • Dialogue across companies in an intimate setting (in person and virtual) to share findings, exchange ideas and priorities

“The convening was an absolute A+. It was very powerful to bring corporate practitioners and top researchers together - just brilliant!”

Isabel CruzGlobal Inclusion Leader, General Electric

“How you structured the interactions...moving around, breaking into small groups, brainstorming... I have attended these kinds of matchmaking events [between researchers and companies]; yours was one of the best.”

Iris BohnetKennedy School of Government, Harvard University

“It was a great event. It’s fascinating to hear about the body of research that has been done and is ongoing in this field.”

Paul JungProgram Manager - Experience Programs, Retail Learning and Development, Apple
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SODI Kick-Off Convening
Research Talk Excerpts

Kathy Phillips, Columbia University

We are looking for corporate partners and researchers.

Companies that committed to fostering diversity and inclusion and actively seeking new methods are invited to join the 2017-2018 SODI Innovation Sponsors.  These companies join a community dedicated to accelerating diversity and inclusion through access to the in-person convenings, an innovation cohort, and top researchers to run experiments based on the company’s D&I priorities.

SODI is actively seeking behavioral science researchers with interest in researching diversity and inclusion in an applied setting and/or experience with field experiments. One of our goals is to help more junior researchers access companies to run experiments and advance this field of inquiry. If interested in joining SODI, please contact us.