Jeff Flory

Co-Founder, Research Director, SODI

Jeffrey Flory is an Assistant Professor in the Robert Day School of Economics and Finance at Claremont McKenna College. He uses lab and field experiments to study pressing questions on diversity in the workplace, salary gaps and inequalities across gender/race/age, and how different incentives affect employee behavior. His work helps practitioners achieve their objectives through evidenced-based research, while addressing key open questions in economics.

Professor Flory has advised domestic and international NGOs, foreign governments, multilateral aid agencies, and major US corporations, designing and running field experiments to test questions of priority for policymakers and practitioners, while advancing our understanding of human behavior.  He is also a member of the Bias-Interrupters Working Group, a coalition of behavioral scientists and US companies pioneering new ways to eliminate biases in the work and business.

He has received grants from the National Science Foundation, the World Bank, DFID, and the Low Institute of Political Economy, and his research has been featured in media outlets such as Time Magazine, ABC News, Freakanomics, and Science Daily.

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