Mladen Adamovic

Postdoctoral Fellow, SODI

Mladen Adamovic is a Research Fellow in Diversity & Inclusion at Monash University. He is specialized in survey studies, field experiments, and statistical data analysis. His research and workshops are about:
  1. Inclusion of cultural minorities in the workplace
  2. Cross-cultural management
  3. Leadership and social side of the workplace
Mladen has collaborated with organisations like Cisco, Police Unions, Graduate Student Association, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, WorkSafe Victoria, and SaferCare Victoria. He publishes his research in top management journals and presents it at international conferences. Before joining Monash University, he was a Lecturer at the Universities of Melbourne and Toulouse, where he also completed his PhD. He completed his bachelor and master studies in Business Administration, International Management, and Economics at the Universities at Kiel, Rennes, Lisbon, and Belgrade.

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