Karan Saggi

Consultant, SODI

Karan strategizes and runs ad campaigns for local companies in the US through programmatic advertising. As Manager of Ad Operations at ZypMedia, Karan drives the gear motion of the company’s client and partners facing operations. He coordinates the company’s operations in their US and offshore offices.

Prior to ZypMedia, Karan fostered engagement between researchers in higher education and practitioners in the UX industry. As the Director of Educational Partnerships at TryMyUI, he built an innovative partnerships program between the two sectors to push the envelope of UX and web design. By building a collaborative platform, bringing together over 100 institutions across 11 counties, and providing them opportunities to engage, Karan designed a different approach to partnerships between academic institutions, nonprofits, start-up accelerators, and companies.

Previously, Karan has previously published commentaries with the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology quarterly journal and has served as a Strategic Consultant to Summit Global Education. In his time at Summit, he helped the study abroad company polish its brand, identity, and mission of global education and global citizenship. Outside of work, Karan is a travel enthusiast.

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